❥H_A_P_P_Y D_A_Y = )

Yo-Yo-Yo !!!

pig cum back post picha lu xDD
wakaka xDD
yesterday go out wif my babes 
i lovin it !!!!!! xDDD
cum cum cum
let u all see picha
wakaka xDDD

Yesterday i go out after i meeting
thn i meet Debbie n Baby Koey
but Baby Koey go roller
thn me n Debbie dun hav go 
cuz we 2 oso dun like roller de
thn me n Debbie go TS
Debbie buy a hat in TS thr
n me buy a trousers 
oso in TS thr
Later we 2 oso to sienzz ><
thn we go in the 4th Floor
thn we take more n more picha
Suddenly~Yuu babe sms Debbie ask us in whr
thn Debbie say us in TS 4th floor
thn we wait Qii babe n Yuu babe cum n meet us
thn we continue take picha xDD 
we two like sha po
wakaka XDDD
erm~here juz got bit bit picha oni
got more in Debbie , Qii babe n Yuu babe thr
sry ah ><
juz post bit bit picha let u all see ><
later i will post more n more picha let u all see de ^^


Me n sui po Debbie~ love her much much ~ wakakaka xDD

Tis 1 me like sha po 1 ~ ><'''

 Sui po Debbie so cool la wei~ ><

Sui po Debbie's picha~ Vit Vit !! leng nuii wakaka xDD

 TATS ME ~!!! COOL ~!!! RIGHT ?><


 Tis is me n Qii Babe~ she so leng nuii ~ love her much much ~ wakakak xDDD

 F-I-N-I-S-H !!!!

Sry all
juz bit bit picha
got more in my babes thr
yesterday din take a picha wif Baby Koey
next time i wan take picha wif u ><
yesterday really so happy
i love it
single is happy
i like it
kakaka xDD

 we must always happy !!!!

 I       L_O_V_E      S_ I_N_G_L_E